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Cellucrete Corp. believes in fostering an environment that helps you realize your fullpotential - you'll be given access to some of the best tools and minds in the business world.
You'll have the chance to work with technologies like global positioning, virtual reality modeling, self-diagnostic technology and many others. You may even be involved in some truly amazing projects, such as those that will someday make working on the surface of the moon and other planets a reality. If you want to see your future unfolding, you should definitely look at Cellucrete.

Your career path can be as varied as you like, yet you'll still enjoy the advantages of staying with a single company. Should you want to try your hand at a different aspect of the business, few companies encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to grow and try new things such as Cellucrete

Cellucrete does not discriminate against any person applying for employment based on race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin or citizenship status, physical or mental disability, marital status, status as a disabled veteran.

career paths
Accounting. Accountants are an integral part of the management team and there is considerable opportunity for growth and advancement. You'll provide relevant information to internal and external clients and help ensure proper control of assets, including preparation and analysis of financial statements for your business unit and defining the costs for new products.
Engineering. Using some of the most advanced engineering technologies around, you'll be developing and applying project plans and information to provide design professionals with recommendations on the most current, economical and practical roof deck systems.
Project Management. Our Project Management team is a strategic business partner dedicated to meet the cost and service requirements of internal and external clients. They analyze pricing practices of our competitors and forecast industry trends. They also work with design professionals suggesting a variety of the most economical designs in quality roof deck construction layouts for a particular application, all while complying with project and code requirements.

Sales and Estimating. As a Sales/Estimating professional, you'll consult with various business units and customers to define and analyze their needs. You'll consult with managers from various business disciplines to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

If you would like to become part of our team, email us your resume for consideration in any of these areas at jobs@cellucrete.com.


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