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Cellucrete Corp. is Florida’s largest certified applicator of Elastizell lightweight insulating concrete (LWIC) for the last 20 years. Insulating concrete of the cellular type is state of the art for roof deck construction.
Pure aggregate (Perlite and Vermiculite) insulating concrete belongs to the past. We can tailor our cellular mix designs using mineral admixtures, plastic fibers, and admixtures to modify setting times, rheology, permeability, hardness, fluidity, etc.
Our high compressive strength systems are applied over concrete and metal substrates offering a better roof substrate. Over metal decks, a better diaphragm action is provided. Cellular concrete decks eliminate the deformation typical of the low-density rigid insulation boards. This deformation, under foot traffic and other stresses, produce membrane failures (splits and tears).
Elastizell LWIC is non-combustible and may have many fire ratings. Fireproofing is not required because the flutes are filled; therefore the fire channel is eliminated. Certain projects specify UL fire rating systems, which require the use of wire mesh. Elastizell LWIC has Zell crete fibers which when mixed in the LWIC, provide the same fire resistance as wire mesh for certain UL approvals for half the cost.
Elastizell LWIC roof decks provide excellent wind uplift performance, since it performs as an air retarder. Our product has UL and FM wind uplift ratings and several Miami-Dade county approvals.
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Cellucrete is Florida's largest applicator of Elastizell concrete, provided by The Elastizell Corporation. The Elastizell Corporation has provided materials for quality roof decks, engineered fill applications, and floor fill installations for over 30 years.
Elastizell concrete is typically a mixture of cement, water and preformed foam. Designs utilizing fly ash, sand and other materials may be included for specific densities -- varying from 20-120 pcf -- for insulation, semi-structural, and geotechnical applications. Elastizell concrete is produced by mixing Elastizell expansion material into a properly designed cementitious mixture.

Elastizell Roof Decks are cast over galvanized steel decking (corrugated or fluted), precast or cast-in-place concrete, and wood. They provide:

  • Positive drainage/customized slope-to-drain
  • Permanent thermal insulation
  • Fire-resistance (Elastizell is non-combustible)
  • Excellent wind uplift performance
  • Inexpensive, simple reroofing - just replace the membrane
  • A solid base for the built-up or single-ply roofing membranes applied over the deck
    for waterproofing.
wind uplift
Elastizell roof decks perform as an air retardant providing excellent wind uplift performance. Elastizell bonds the EPS board to the structural deck, filling depressions and deck flutes. Elastizell roof decks have both UL and FM wind uplift ratings.
Product Approval
Miami-Dade County
Product Control Notice of Acceptance
(thru 8/2008)
Elastizell Lightweight Insulating Roof Deck .13 pgs
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ul fire rated
Elastizell: Non-combustible. Elastizell Roof Decks are non-combustible and do not require fireproofing of the underside of the steel deck or the addition of a separate thermal barrier, as is necessary with rigid board systems. Also, since the flutes are filled with an Elastizell System, this dangerous fire channel is also eliminated. Elastizell Roof Decks have several approved systems and numerous UL fire ratings.

View Elastizell’s UL Fire-Rated Systems 13 pgs
Underwriter's Laboratories: Other Data
Underwriter's Laboratories-Study.(6/95).1 pg
Engineering study determined that the use of Zell-Crete Fibers can be used in lieu of wire mesh for Elastizell Type II Roof Topping Mixture in noted design numbers.
Underwriter's Laboratories-UL Listing.(5/97).1 pg
Elastizell Corp. of America - R9175(N)
To view the downloaded files, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have this application, it can be downloaded by clicking the icon to the right or by clicking here.
new roofing
Major roofing manufacturers accept Elastizell Composite Insulating Roof Deck Systems with their warranted membranes. The system can be placed over galvanized steel decking and over pre-cast or cast-in-place concrete.
mixing process
Elastizell requires only one fourth the mix water of other insulating concretes. A common misconception is that all insulating concretes have high water content...Elastizell does not! Elastizell obtains its workability from discrete air cells, not excessive water.

No roof system lasts forever. But unlike Insulation Board Systems, reroofing an existing Elastizell system means replacing only the top membrane...not ripping off the entire roof and disposing of piles of soggy board

What's even better...the economical and permanent Elastizell Composite Insulating Roof Deck may be applied directly over existing, undamaged roofing to correct drainage problems and provide increased insulation for energy cost savings.

Reroofing with Elastizell offers the following advantages:

  • Positive slope-to-drain
  • Strong, permanent roofing base
  • Low maintenance saves time and money
  • Maximum R-values and energy savings
  • No messy and expensive rip-off
  • Fire resistance (non-combustible)
technical data and specifications
For a complete listing of UL and FM Wind Uplift Ratings, UL Fire Ratings, Physical Properties & R-Values, Seismic Data & Approvals and extensive product information, please download the Elastizell Brochures below:
Elastizell Brochure - Roofing. 8 pgs
Elastizell Brochure - Reroofing. 4 pgs
Apache Products Company. Hol-E-Board Specifications (R-Values and Compliances) for vented expanded polystyrene insulation for all lightweight concrete roof decks. 2 pgs.
To view the downloaded files, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have this application, it can be downloaded by clicking the icon to the right or by clicking here.

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